Friday, March 27, 2009


ok, so now I hear that the kids last week in school is the second week in June and if I wait until AFTER that weekend, I can send the kids camping. This is harder than I thought...

The “possible” list:

1st week in JUNE: OUT. Not gonna happen. (Went this week last year ironically and played the 6-max.)

2nd week in JUNE: Fly out Wed night and Playi in $1500 NLHE event on Thursday (event # 24) (there is also a SNG shoot-out event on Wed, and additional NL 3-day on SAT and $1500 HORSE on sun) I am supposed to participate in an event this weekend AND it’s the kids last day of school, so Jen is really down on this week.

-kids go camping-

3rd week in June would offer two options, the Thursday $2k event 36 ($500 more) and the NLHE $1500 event 39 on Saturday. But, this would require at least a Sunday stay, with an extended day if you made day 3.

4th week in June has event #51 on sat (same Sunday issue as with week 3)

(And of course July 3rd is the start of the big one.)

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carbide said...

Not sure what events you want to play, but I leave 14th @ 8:30 am or so. Land around 9 am. play 5PM HORSE & then tues has 1500 NL if you want, also a couple 2K's in that week.

I'm pretty sure Jeff W. & his buddy Paul leave same day.