Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Longballed into a final table

Last night was Riverchasers and after a recklessly chaotic performance on Sunday (image DOUBLING up on hand 1 with DQB and still going out in the first hour), I decided to play disciplined long ball last night. My reward was with about 18 players left, being #1 in chips. Despite that, I played a hand too weak and allowed Blinders to river me when his AQ hit on the river, chopping my legs out for about 25% of my chips. Then, like all set backs, its followed up by card death. I managed to steal my way to the final table, but then Speaker re-raised me and we both had tight images at the time, so I folded that one.

By the time I made the final table, I was last in chips. Despite some pretty decent decisions, I could not finish better than 9th.

At one point, prior to the final table, our table looked like the whos-who of blogger long-ball. Tough crowd.

despite my recent setbacks, I will continue to play strong and finish this series out with reckless abandon.

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