Friday, March 13, 2009

shot across the bow? (WPBT)

HOYOZA (aka Hammer Player) put the first stake in the ground that I know of...

The weekend of June 27, heading out on Thursday, June 25 sometime in the evening.
and playing in event #51. (Sat, Jun 27th 12:00 PM)

3-Day Event No-Limit Hold’em (Event 51) ($1500) [No Rebuy/Add-ons]

Anyone else want to chime in for dates?!

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carbide said...

Been booked for over a month already. Arrive 6/14 play $1500 HORSE that night @ 5PM stay through the 21st take a red eye home. Playing 2K NL on Thursday & possibly 1 other & tons of cash games....30/60 @ Bellagio softest game around.