Sunday, March 01, 2009

Tonight's Premier (and so it begins)

91 days, 51 events, 1 survivor. Its the BBT4 premier and the stakes are large. For what ultimately is a double shootout with 50 chances to get the the second and final round, this is the penultimate blogger/reader series. With little more than hope, their basic skillz and instinct, and assorted box-like luck devices, the harrowing journey to climb to the top of the ladder begins.

If previous incarnations are any prediction of this series, there will be some scwabbling (sic), complaining, highs & lows, not to mention getting past the interloping push-monkeys (cough Fischman cough). But in the end, like in a political election, when its all over we'll rally behind our champion, eager to watch his or her progress in the biggest poker spectacle of the year.

Good Luck everyone. Bring the A game. Fortune favors the Bold. Never eat spinach with a stranger.

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