Thursday, September 22, 2005

The contest is over...

I turned my $50 starting monies into $150 and won the "contest". I won almost all of it playing those little $5 SnG's with a freaking $1 juice. The PS ones are better. I love those 45 player MTT for a buck. Lost a couple of those and went back to PP single tables. LOTS of second places got me there. So, here is my digression du jour:


So there are FOUR players left, and you are one of the shorter stacks. The other 3 players are all-in. Do you call with XX? NO, you don't. Yet, over and over again I am in 4th place and take second because I CAN FOLD A FREAKING HAND. Do you even call with AA? WHY? YOU ARE A DOG vs. 3 opponents!

Look, I am sick of the argument "Well, I am playing for first place." I may just be a wannabe, but I understand 8th grade math. You are 30% at best for first place here. And that assumes that a 3-1 chip lead guarantees you first place. BUT, look at it from my perspective. I am 90% sure to finish AT LEAST SECOND, and then I get to play someone who is stoopid enough to go all-in with XX ON THE BUBBLE when two others are ALREADY ALL-IN. Suddenly, being a 3-1 chips dog heads-up looks pretty darn good.

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