Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Getting back to it

Well, whenever I need to simulate a nice home Tournament, I play the 5 table $1 MTT at Poker Stars. 45 players, pays 7 places. I use this to get me back into the swing of serious play. I finished 5th, which is to say my worst finish ever. I almost got out 13th when ONCE AGAIN my big pocket pair (ok, Jacks) ran into a re-raise all in from a blind. I always expect to see AK or AQ in these situations, but each time I end up looking down the barrel of the KK shotgun. In this RARE instance, I hit a Jack on the turn plus a straight draw. The KK was knocked out.

But here is my question: Why does KK always want to be all-in? This never makes ANY sense to me. I bet 3xBB. That's it! So why not raise me the POT and see how I react. IF I have AK, your are NOT doing yourself a favor by going all-in, you are doing ME a favor. Why? Because AK always benefits from seeing all 5 cards. The argument of "well if the ace falls, I have to dump my hand" is STOOPID, because dumping your hand is FAR BETTER than going broke. And there is, of course, this argument: "Well if the player has JJ and an Ace falls, he could push me off the pot." Yeah, AND VICE VERSA. Gez.


Acesfull said...

Final table Long Kiss Goodnight ($50+4 Multi Table id = 5943674), 164 started, 20 got paid. One reason you may want to raise more pre-flop with KK…. Blinds $800- $1600 and I have $15,600 left and I am in 7th place. UTG I raised it to 2x BB (expected a re-raise behind me which never came). Two callers. Flop is 8s,7s,x. I pushed, first caller folds, second caller who has me covered calls and flips over 77 for trips. I am out in 8th. A push pre-flop would probably not have been called by him.

ChaseNFold said...

I love your contributions to Card Club. Great work.