Sunday, September 18, 2005

why I am not finishing well

I have been playing around with some new strategies. Raising first to act, 1/2 pot bets, Firing the second barrel, playing a vanilla game. It's been down right awful. But I have learned alot from it. The biggest thing I have learned is that if you play "by the book", you often are not bothering to play correctly based on reads. I mean, you will become weak/tight. I have not enjoyed that feeling at all over the last month. So, its time to end the experiments. I need to get back to the good parts of my game. I can't lose those, even when I am tearing down my game.

Its just soooo hard to read hands sometimes. Plus, I am playing too many hands from MP. Correction time? You bet. Back to Viper poker, but with some new lessons learned.

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