Thursday, September 01, 2005

Test Run #1

I use the PSO site as a training ground to test new weapons. I was using two new test weapons. The first was described in the last post. Being looser when the option of being first to act comes up. The second was to be less shy about making 1/2 pot stabs at uncontested pots.

Despite losing BOTH races (my AK lost both times), my AQ flopping TP and losing to KK, having to dump QQ post flop, AND finally succumbing to the BB flopping a perfect straight, I came in 12th (out of 79).

So, test #1 was a success. I need to adjust though. Despite laying down the QQ (and yes I was beat), I still need to be able to make a big laydown even when I am low on chips. That may be the difference. I also changed gears enough to compensate for my "current image", to make sure I did not play too many hands in a row. This helped immensely.

(It is still hard to confidently raise with AT or AJ in EP.)

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