Monday, September 26, 2005

Goal #2, placing in the money in a PS $1 tournament

3 PS LOTTO TOURNAMENTS ($1, $2, $1) (skipped the $3 tournament if you can believe that!)

Table 1 : Missed a flush draw with 54s. Winner had TP and underbet both streets, so I called on odds. Ugh.

Table 1: I almost quadrupled up when KK got calls from JJ and 22 AFTER the flop of 3T3. What is wrong with the 22 person? He RERAISED! Awesome.

Now the second table starts. The third starts in another 15 minutes.

Table 2, someone calls my boat with a straight and I double up.

Table 3 starts. All open on the laptop…

Lots of folding right now…

Table 1: Had TP on a dangerous board and had to release. But lost a good 15% of my stack first. When you are beat by the board, then you are beat.

Table 3 : out raced QQ with AKs to double up (flush).

Still lots of limping on my part. Not ready to notch it up yet. Also not playing garbage like A6.

Played 62 too slow from the BB when 22J flopped. A backdoor flush became possible and the all-in bet came and made me fold.

Lost two more hands with TP and fell below avg.

Need to double up at all three tables. Blinds are getting up there…

Tried a move at table 3 and the ginormous stack in the BB re-raised me. Ugh. Table 1 break.

Played back at someone (table 2) bullying me with what I thought was AK. Turns out it was K7 and my A high took the pot! I could have bet the turn and he would have folded.

Doubled up at table 2 in a race. My TT was re-raised all-in by AK. I took the race. He made a flush, I made a boat! Table 2 goes on break. Need to double up at 1 and 3 still.

At Table 1 I doubled up when I re-raised all-in with JJ. Got called by AQ. Flop 66Q, but the turn was a J! Just my day for boats I guess!

Anemic on table 3 with a Q of .75

My 77 escapes from a raiser. The flop had an Ace and I fold to his big bet. He actually shows the A9s. (which table?) Who re-raises a 3xBB raise from MP with A9?

Table 3 still alive when my 84s in the BB flops a flush.

Ran a nice bluff with KQ at table 1 after calling a big pre-flop raise and then betting out after the flop when the raiser checks. I had no piece of it. Table 3 on break. Table 1 I am back to avg. Table 2 I am still above avg. Table 3, well… still a Q of .75. Lots of big stacks at table 1.

Table 1 : I am out 302/1344 (paid 135) after my AQ flops an Ace and was up against AK. Even though I figured it out on the turn, it was too late to get away (is that true?). I figure it was just as likely that he had AJ. (is that true?) I made the read I was beat, but could not make the weak tight laydown. At the SAME time, I double up at table 3. I had AK and someone raised me or something. I did not even see, just the chips pushed to me after I put him all in.

I get BLUFFED off my 2 pair on table 2 by the big stack. I have 9T and the board is 579TJ. He bets 75% of my stack and I fold like a little girl. All he needed was an 8. He had A6 with a broken flush draw. I don’t know how I make that call, and yet I called the AK with my AQ. Right or wrong, I had no read on the player so what can I do?

Table 2, Q is 1.3, Table 3, Q is .8

Table 3: board is 29K and I have KJ, I re-raise the other player and he calls time… He folds. My Q is 1.1 at table 2, 1.2 at table 3

Table 3: player makes it 3xBB, cutoff calls, I call in BB with 99. The flop is A6A and he bets and cutoff calls. I fold. The turn was a King. A full house won the hand.

Table 3: My AJ calls a re-raise all-in from a short stack with 99. He hits a nine. Ugh. Q is .8

Table 3: Made a dumb bet at a small pot vs. 4 opponents and got lucky they all folded. Stupid really.

Table 3: JJ in Utg +2 and Utg makes it 2x and UTG+1 makes it 6x. I CALL IT. 2xer folds so we are heads up and I am in position. AT7 all diamonds and me with the Jd. He bets 1000, I smooth call. Turn 9 clubs. H goes all in. I have 2880 left, I might as well gamble here. He had AK with NO diamond. The river is a diamond. Funny, his picture was Gus Hanson. That’s 3 JJ hands at table 3 tonight and they all won. Q is down to .6 at table 2. Its 1.75 at table 3.

Table 3: Accidentally called from SB with K2 and the flop is AK2 rainbow. Lost a 3rd of my stack to a set of ducks. Q is like .9. I win the next hand to get back to a Q of 1.

Table 2 : ran down a underbetter with Middle pair. He had TP with a weak kicker. Ugh. Below .5 Q on table 2.

Table 3: called a short stack all in on his stop and go. I had 44 and the flop is Q32. He had a Queen. This was probably my WORST call of the night. I basically could only beat the bluff and I put him on a panic bet. My Q is still 1 though so I figured the call was excusable. But I am not happy with it.

Can only move all-in now at table 2? No because M is 10. But I am going to bleed to death here. Just then, the blinds double. Never mind the M now as its been reduced to 5 (RED ZONE). I can maybe go one more orbit before becoming a move in specialist. I call a BB with 89. The ginormous stack kicks me off. Now its MIS time for sure. (I get 98 at table 3.)

Table 3 : with 5 players I put it ALL in on the flush draw QT. I get a caller. And another with the K9 flush draw. And that’s about it from table 3 as I am drawing dead. (The flush did hit.) I just have to lose life support on one last hand. 1077 players, paid 99. A9 runs in to AJ and I finish 213.

Try to blind steal at table 2 with QTo and get away with it. I get the same hand again and fold it. 1203 players, pays 135. And my Q is .3 with 190 left.

KQo in the BB and I call and all-in from the button short stack (no others in). He had A8o. Ace on flop. I finish … hmm wait… I have $30 left. Now $190 left, Now $980 left, BREAK. There are 170 left. I can play maybe one more hand with the antes. Either I go all-in on the first one after the break or the second one. A5o gets me to put all my money in FTA and I lose to ATo caller. 166th place.

The money finish in a $1 tournament STILL eludes me. Soon… Then, its my next goal, Omaha SnG tables.

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