Monday, September 12, 2005

quick SnG's, personal life, and Card Club

I have played some SnGs lately (low buy in) and have been the KING of third place!! Why? Because if you play consistent, you don't get knocked out, but you dont win huge pots in a 50/50 race either. I am not willing to race a LAG with Ax, when I know I can outplay these guys over the long haul (strategy vs tactics). So, I make the money, but am often a 4 to 1 dog a that point and have not really been as good at making that up as of late. But my LONG GAME is much better. I think...

When your personal life is off kilter, do not play big stake games. The level of concentration is not there. You can still play to relax, but play in games where you can lose and walk away. The lows should never be combined.

I owe card club another One Minute Mystery. And it's half done. I'll get it to them soon if you are a fan. Listen to the cardclub poker podcast/radio show at:

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