Friday, September 30, 2005

PP $2 (2500 entrants)

Both Mrs. Columbo and I were playing. We were doing ok until about 60% of the field was gone. We both ran into situations where we lost a big hand (or let go of a loser) and were needing to double up. Mrs. Columbo is card dead until AQs comes to her and PP locks up on her. She was very upset. While I was trying to help her, I myself decided to go all-in (after a UTG raise that I did not notice) with 22. the UTG player busted me with KK. Mrs. Columbo finished a little better as we got her back in after I was busted. She eventually lost a race and was out. All in all, it is very difficult to tiptoe through 2500 players. But, a friend of her's did just that. In his first 2 $1 tournamnets, he finished in the money. Not bad for a play money player.

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