Saturday, September 03, 2005

test run #2

Wow, talk about a tale of two games. There were numerous Loose-agressive players playing very speculative hands. In order to make the final table, I had to lay down the following hands pre-flop: AK, QQ and 99. In the QQ case, the other player with a big stack made a HUGE pre-flop raise. He loves to do this with AK, so I could race him, but I was SECOND in chips at the time. Why take that risk? And if he is FIRST in chips, why isn't he slowing down?

Fast forward to the final table. Action is so loose, that I FOLD my way to THRID. WOW. And now, I surrender my blinds with T2 and T3 respectively. Common wisdon says not to do that when the BB is 10% of you stack and the you have about 5% of the other stacks. But I knew if I got a hand, they would pay it off. I got AK next, and doubled up. Then the finally came up. I am the big blind. The small blind and chip leader raises 3x. The Button goes all in. I call with JT figuring this is a chance to double up with 2 live cards. I figure him for a pocket pair, about 77. But here is the thing. The button goes all in , I call and the other player CALLS ALSO. WHY? With AJ no less?! And the flop is 25T and I am ahead. But an Ace on the turn seals BOTH our fates, as loosy mcloose takes down the final large pot of the night.

But I must admit I was very pleased with my showing. In fact, I had only 3 big hands all night. I had KK on a flop of rags with 5 callers of a 4xBB raise! I one time hit a straight on the turn and took a player out. And I took another nice hand with an over pair early on. That's right, no two pair, twips (sic), or Flush all night long. Boat? no water even in sight. But I still managed to play my cards for all their worth.

The KK was the ONLY hand I played at the final table during my fold-a-thon. And I raised it up 4x from EP, just to get FIVE callers. How loose is that?! The flop was 732 rainbow. Serves them right. Everyone who called that hand (other that the two monster stakcs), finished behind me. I did not even consider slow playing it with that pool, as soon as I saw the cards, I was all in FTA, no hesitation.

So this was a test of adaptability. Could I go in with one plan, and have to switch to a completely different one? YES. But it was an easy switch to go from loose agressive to tight.


Anonymous said...

The reason I called with AJ suited is that I thought I was ahead of Daryl, and I wanted the side pot if you beat me.

Acesfull said...

Hey just heard the show on Lord Admiral Radio and some comments on your play with the QQ. First I would have raised it just a tad more pre-flop. 3x the BB is ok in a pot with no other callers but with one caller UTG (I respect an UTG player especially if he is the chip leader) I would bet harder. Probably 4-5x the BB, that way you make a drawing hand like small PP or AJo harder to play from UTG. The chip leader only had to call 2 BB in a 5.5 BB pot which is not bad odds. Now as to your play with QQ with a check raise from the chip leader I can not fault. I think it was the right move as he would have made the same play with JJ or TT or 99 with that flop among other hands that you beat. I would have been afraid of trips but still would have gone all in. I don’t know if I over play QQ but that is my two cents.

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

The raise should have been 4xBB instead (3xBB+ 1BB for each limper) if I wanted to be technically correct, but I wanted his action as I knew he had sub-premium cards. Plus, the table was tight and I knew 2xBB was enough to get me heads up. Live by the raise, die by the raise.