Tuesday, October 04, 2005

$2 woes

Both myself and Mrs. columbo went out late in a 2500 player tourney after being trapped. She mistakenly did not give a player credit for a flush. My transgression was much worse. Avg stack is $4K and I have $6k, so I am doing alright. The table had tightened up considerably, so I changed gears, raising just 2XBB with QJs. Only the cutoff calls! He is one of two players that have me covered at the table. The flop is AJQ rainbow and I feel pretty good about this. I have 2 pair against a probably pair. He would have raised with AA? and its is unlikely he had JJ or QQ with me having QJ. The only hand that kills me here is KT. He min bets, I min raise, he calls. Turn is a 2 and again he min bets, I min raise, he calls. The turn is a 3 (no flush) and he goes all-in. This morning it seems obvious he believes he is ahead here. He is not going to try this as a bluff when he is ahead of average and I can bust him if he bluffs. No, when he goes all-in, he is hoping for a call. And in a huge moment of wishful thinking, I gave him that call and exited the tournament.

On cardclub this week (http://lordadmiral.libsyn.com/) one of the guys referenced a quote from skalansky that I did not know about. You have to play every situation so you are ready for it when it happens. Well, this time I played it live. I'll be ready next time... to fold.

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