Saturday, October 22, 2005


Wow, I can not believe this one. I am in a tournament and I have played TWO hands in two levels. Neither went to showdown and I won them by betting out. Then I get a short stack all in when I have 77 and he had T7o. This is POST flop. He hits a Ten on the river. So, I have to get something going. I have 54o in the BB and get to see a free flop.

Game: No Limit Hold 'em
Level VIII: 50 Ante 200/400 Blinds (25 Minimum Chip)
Average Stack: 5,294.11 (3,000 starting chips)
Remaining Players: 17 (30 started)
Seat 1 : Big Bo starts with 2,025
Seat 2 : EBP Golfer starts with 1,450
Seat 3 : pokerchick46 starts with 12,875
Seat 4 : Pirates starts with 5,450
Seat 5 : cylehoss starts with 2,900
Seat 6 : greywolf82 starts with 14,175
Seat 8 : columbo starts with 2,725 <= note, despite solid play, I need to win a hand.
Seat 9 : JG1013 starts with 1,300
Seat 10 : codger starts with 4,125
Seat 5 : cylehoss has the dealer button
columbo dealt down 4s 5d
greywolf82 posts the small blind 200
columbo posts the big blind 400
JG1013 folds
codger folds
Big Bo calls 400 [note, he CALLS]
EBP Golfer folds
pokerchick46 folds
Pirates folds
cylehoss folds
greywolf82 folds
columbo checks <== he gives me a FREE flop??? great!
>>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 8c 4d 6c ]

columbo bets 1,450 <== This is an easy bet here, since he can not call it. There is little chance he is ahead here and I am first to the pot.

Big Bo raises 125 to 1,575 and is all-in <<= in effect he calls.
columbo calls 125

Big Bo cards were Kh Qc <= HE CALLS ME WITH OVERS?!?!?!? for ALL his chips?!!?!?
columbo cards were 4s 5d
>>>DEALING TURN<<< [ 8d ]
>>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ Kc ]

Big Bo wins 4,600 with two pair, kings and eights
columbo: OMG

ok, bad beat. Big deal right. So now pokerchick46 actaully says, "what were you doing calling a raise with a pair of fours and a 5 kicker?"

WTF? The raise I called was 125 chips?! So when I mentioned that I knew he missed the board...

"you can know that".

Yes, actually after watching him play for an hour, I can...

and I LOVE this line
"I am not going to argue with you. I am only trying to help"

Argue with me? YOU brought it up... AND you have the facts wrong.

"aks anyone at the table if you should call a raise there"

WTF? again, I am flabergasted. The table breaks and that is that.

I played the hand perfectly, got a bad beat, and got LECTURED for calling my last 125 chips into a pot of 4500.

Want to hear my advice? Keep it to yourself.


Acesfull said...

Big Bo = Fish


My Pal Al said...

Great blog. Basic gap theory, Big Bo never should have called with overs.