Monday, October 31, 2005

happy in my losing

Never have I been sooo happy to lose. I played two tournaments. In the first, I got my money in when I caught TP with my over pair. On the turn, the board pairs and I have two pair. I Know he hit the Jack and has a lesser two pair. I get all his money in and the river is a Jack. I didn't need to see his cards. (He made jacks full)

In the latter tournament, I am average at about the halfway mark. UtG+1 I am dealt QQ and make it 4xBB (my usual here is 3xBB, but there were a couple of looser players and I didnt want their garbage in). The SB, new to the table THIS HAND calls.

The flop is KdJd3c. He checks and I make a 1/2 pot bet. He check-raises me all in. I pause and think about this. What could he have? Hmmm. He cant be sure I dont have AK. If he flopped a set, would he be all in here? I did not believe so. Then, it hits me... semi-bluff. He has 2 diamonds. My worst case scenario is that he has Ad3d and then I would be a coin flip. Anything else, and I am racing as a favorite to double up. I call. He shows Ad6d. I am about a 3-2 favorite here.

The turn is the 2h. The river is the Ac and I am out. But I was happy. This was a solid read by me and I was thrilled that I have started constructing scenarios in my head.

Not to mention I had run a bluff during the tournament also (just one). The table tightened up a tad and from position I created a plausible holding pre-flop and post flop, then on the turn, stole it away. I was giddy.

So, two exits on hands where I was a favorite and I could not be happier. Ok, winning would be better. But I am making better decisions!!!

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