Monday, October 31, 2005

Satellite runs

Started to see what I could do with satellite runs. You know, where you play the little buy in super sat tourney to get to the satellite or shootout that takes you to some big tournament where the winner gets a cruise or something fabulous. Lot of work. I should just pay for the dang cruise.

I am doing pretty good in the supers, cashing twice. In the second tier sats I do OK, but I have to be careful of winning a seat into a rebuy/add-on tournament. What is the point of that? If I pay $2 and win a $33 seat (which I did), then there is an ADD-ON for $33, what did I win? Nada. So, that is not such a good deal.

BUT, if I can win my way into a shootout, that would be ok. But the price of the super is higher. It cost me $5.50 to enter that, and I went out ONE out of the satellite entries, which paid $33. Was that number chance? Nope, they assume I'll enter the $33 sat with it. But not me, not if its rebuys and add-ons. Nope, I am going to take another swing at the $5. Sure the $5 is rebuy and add-on too, but I skip both. I figure the only difference between the add-on and not adding the 1500 chips, is one nice hand. So, just make good decisions and save the $5 for tomorrows chance.

What do I expect the end result of all this to be? Who knows, but I see alot of bad play out there, especially in the supers. I can't believe some of the marginal calls I am forced to make at level 2, only to find out I am WAY ahead. How does that happen? But its still a minefield and I am a wounded jogger on a pogo stick.

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