Sunday, October 23, 2005

some off topic material for your perusal

Finished up the Road Rally season last night. That is where you drive from location to location solving clues and doing activities until you reach the destination point. We were so good in the spring, that we had to throw 2 rallies this fall. Well, they are finally done. Fun, but alot of prep work. And nothing goes 100%.

...sound familiar?

20 years ago (MAN), when I was doing stand up comedy (MAN!), I still remember this quote. "The better rehearsed you are, the more freedom you have to be creativë. You'll always know how to return where you left off too." It is true with your game also. Have a system. Not just to have, but to fall back to when you need to. I have almost completed mine, and I can always use it when I need it. I even wrote it down so every 2-3 months I can go back and see if I still believe it and if I still use it.

After all, advanced poker requires building a library of experiences and pattern recognitions. You need a framework to file them into.

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