Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Monday night adventures

Normally, Monday is football and $1 tourneys. This Monday, I decided to try the Cruise lottery at PS. You play a $2 w/rebuy and Add-on against 3 or 4 hundred players and 65 get seats into the $30 qualifier. That actaully was not so bad. I rebought once, did the add-on and with 10 people left to go out, had enough chips. So, I just folded my way in.

The $30 qualifier starts at 11:30 pm and this is late. Secondly, its a $30 REBUY qualifier, so even if you win your seat for $6 like I did, there is a $30 add-on after level 2. Not for me. At the break I had just above average, and did not want to add $30 to a $6 investment. I figure this meant I had to win one extra race for over 2000 chips. Since I had 6000+ chips, this is a single extra race. ok.

Fun thing about satellites... decisions are easier. Below average? Go all-in with and pocket pair. Either you win the chips or enter a race with Ax. NONE of these players could fold Ax.

Eventually, The average started to get away from me and even though my M was solid, the qualifier only paid SIX places, one only 1st got into the cruise tournament. The 3rd biggest stack was at our table, raising 4xBB any hand he entered (correctly I might add). So, I knew he would come in with 2 face or Ax. I had 44 UtG and raise 3xBB. If he has nothing, I'll pick up the blinds (tight table). If he has a little something something, I'll race him.

He calls and we see a flop of Qs7d2s. I figure this is a pretty good flop for me! He never played BLO (big little off) so I figure he missed the flop. I bet out a 1/2 pot bet and he raises pot. Now, I really dont believe he has a Q here. Not on that bet. I figure that he is semi-bluffing the spade draw. NOTE: In a satellite, players push a semi-draw like an overpair (again correctly, you need the folding equity). Expecting the see 2 spades, I come over the top all-in for the race. He is forced to call. He has AsKs. At first I am pleased as I got my money in while ahead. Then it hits me. 44. UGH. He has a spade draw AND TWO OVERS. I am not a favorite, this is a race. Plain and simple.

Turn - blank
River - spade.

I am out 80 something. Overall, I think the experience benefitted me. Best part? I played the Greg Raymer way. "Dont worry about anything except making good decisions." I thought I did that pretty well.


As for yesterday's post. I missed something important. Omaha might be easy, but PL Omaha 8OB short handed is tough. I got humbled there, not being able to properly value my hands. And I lost one or two big ones to cost me $9 at a $.10/.25 table. Yes, humbling. I look through my books and not one mention of this situation. A little help here?

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NBGambler said...

Columbo! You got span mail! That is terrible. Anyway, great site, I love your 1 minutes on Lord Admiral and the Omaha bit was fun. I used to love those turn-by-turn text adventures. Anyway, I am originally from Ann Arbor and my girlfriend is actually back home there in Livonia, right up the road from your place. I am putting together a blog myself, check it out if you get a minute. I am still getting posts up from notes that I have taken and back dating them which is kinda cheating, but not really. Or is it?
Anyway, keep up the good work!