Saturday, October 22, 2005

eaten by the monster of the day

I am in a big lotto tournament. I have double the avg chip stack with 100 left. Pays $50. I have 67o and the board is 2s 4s5s6s. I have the 7s for a weak flush and a straight flush draw. I also have a very lame top pair. I have about 30% of my stack in on this hand and he pushes all in. After 2 minutes, I fold and he shows the 3s. He was playing 35o. I escape like a spy in a bond movie.

The I am playing JT and the flop if J63 rainbow. MP player pushes all in and another player calls. Easy lay down. All-in had JT, caller had A6. I watched this idiot lose the entire stack over the next 10 minutes. HOW did he get this deep?

Now I am average and this gem comes up on the bubble (68 left).

the blinds are huge now 3000/6000 and I have about 45000. I am in the BB. An EP, who has not played alot of hands, puts in a bet of 15k. I have AQo in the BB, and could just toss it, but decide I want to call and see a flop. This is questionable since I am out of position with a drawing hand to an UTG bring in. We are both equal in chips. I did not have to defend here, nor did I have to play. But I have a top ten hand, and I want to see if I can accumulate chips on the bubble where players are quick to fold missed flops.

The flop is KJT rainbow. Holy nuts. I check and let him bet. He best 12k and I smooth call. We each have over half our chips invested now. The turn PAIRS THE TEN. Now I have to decide if there is reason to be afraid. I have him on AA right now, and I expect him to bet here. I check and he bets 6k and I call. We each have about 12k left. I decide I am safe.

The river is a blank and I check. He goes all-in for the last 12k and I call. He flips over TT for a case of tens and I am out.

So, was I wrong in not being afraid of a flopped set with TT, JJ, or KK? and even if I was, could I get away from the straight when the board pairs without a real indication of strength? Sure, in hindsight I could have shut down when the board pairs, but I am not going to call a MIN bet with a pot of 30k? Then I am going to try and save my last 12k and see if I can fold into the money?

p.s. this hand made mrs. columbo cry.

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Anonymous said...

If Mrs. Columbo is anything like you've posted then I'm confident she knows that there was NO way for that hand to have ended any other way. Let's examine the pertinent info:
1.) UTG raised 2x to your BB...everyone folded to you giving you headsup with your A/Q for which you had already committed half the bet....fold? Not likely. You could have tried to re-raise here but since this player had not played a hand in 45 min. it was reasonable to put him on a high pair or a/k suited...1x raise with KK would be my guess because he wanted a caller and at those blinds that close to the money 1x thinned the field quite adequately leaving the BB as the most likely caller...and handicap him positionally. You knew he was risk-adverse...had folded his blinds...obviously protecting his stack against the coming bubble. In hindsight you probably could have popped him off going AI because he would see a pair bigger than 10's out there (using his risk-adversity against him) but you credited him with a bigger hand. You are a good player post-flop so seeing a flop before committing any more of your stack here is, I think, the wisest course.
2.) You flop da nuts at the SAME time Mr.UTG hits his did not want to play him off even if you could have...and I don't think he would have seen your monster in the closet any more than you saw put him on ace overpair or a/k TPTK...two-pair being unlikely on this flop with his pre-flop raise...set o' K's a dream-date since then he ain't budging no matter what you throw at him. Rainbow draw there better than what you already have in your hand. What is left but to maximize the extraction?
3.) And the this point monsters in the closet get a bit louder...we've all seen 'em. You check...still believing you're ahead here but let's do a little recon. He bets 1x...weak on this pot...from that perhaps you should know he's ahead except for the fact that this is exactly what you wanted him to believe from the get-go; that he's ahead...keep dem chippies comin'...nobody here but us monsters. And you're going to fold a flopped nut str8 on THAT pot to a 1x bet? Puhleaaaase!
3.) By showdown time you both have all of 12K left (2x)...can you say "pot-committed" boys and girls?