Saturday, October 15, 2005

Blogger Tourney

Played in the WW blogger "call to arms" yesterday. I even snuck away from work early to do it! Thanks Wil!!! It was important for me to do well. Not because I wanted to prove myself a great players, nor because I am obsessed by my play (ok that's true), but rather that I am not really know by other bloggers and wanted to fit in. Yup, just a high schoolish desire to belong. With 2 tables left I am THIRD in chips. But alas, my KK ran into a well knows blogger who raised me big pre-flop and I called. An Ace on the flop and a HUGE bet, got me to fold half my stack. I grinded my way into the money, finishing 9th. Yup, 10 minutes at the final table. Mission Accomplished.


Joanada said...

Do you what the number of that hand was? I will let you know what I had if I can check it in hand history by number.

Awesome job in the tourney, btw :)

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

you know I don't. I just remember that there were 13 players left and I had KK on an Axx flop and you stuck it to me.