Monday, January 29, 2007

London UK card room info needed

I am going to London again. Last time I was there, I found gutshot up on clerkenwell, but there was an EPT event an no ring games at all.

This time, I want to atleast play a low stakes game of omaha or hold'em. Does anyone have any advice/locations. And do I need to apply for a membership in advance? (I am going in 10 days)

I found this post on some site...
There are a number of places you can play poker in London in Central London. Probably the best known are:
The Gutshot, 44 - 48 Clerkenwell Road, EC1
The Vic, 150 - 162 Edgware Road, W2 2DT
The Sportsman, Old Quebec Street London W1
The Western, 620 Western Avenue, W3 0TE

The smallest buyin would be the £10 freezeout at The Western on a Friday night.


Unknown said...

I played at the Vic last October. You do not need to sign up in advance, but you will need your driver license or passport. The casinos have dress codes, so don't show up in jeans or sneakers (or trainers as they call them). I was there on a Saturday and a Monday. The room was livlier on Saturday, but there was still plenty of action on Monday. They spread limit and NL hold'em and omaha. They love their omaha.

PokerLongShot said...

I was in London last September and then again in October and played a few weekend tournaments at the Gutshot. Typically there is a 2pm and 8pm tourney and you can sign up when you get there. Just have your passport. Honestly, I think you can just act like you're a member because there's no membership card and they didn't seen to check any list. Check the schedule at I didn't see any 'ring' games there. They have an internet cafe where you can rent a pc and play online and get food/drinks and then next store is where the tourneys are held. Good luck. Take 'em down.