Saturday, August 11, 2007


I played in my first Donkament (pw:donkarama) Friday night. For those of you who have never heard of this Donkey-Fest, its a private $1 NLHE with $1 add-on and $1 rebuys for the first HOUR. Not for the faint of heart. Went broke on HAND 1 with JJ vs. 88 and AT. All the money in pre-flop! It was not always ridiculous though, and after the break, I was 4th in chips.

But like all tournaments of this type, the trick is to SLOW DOWN and not remain a maniac. Easier said then done.

I accidentally raised instead of folding one hand, so I decided to fire TWO more barrels. Both were called. Ugh. Lost a chunk there. And Bayne cant fold middle pair to save his life? But, for maybe the first time in my entire poker life, I could actually PUT someone on middle pair and was contemplating the odds of him folding to a push (I had 77, he had AT). I NEVER push KNOWING I am behind, but suddenly, something was working that had been dormant in my brain.

Too bad it was against Bayne, who would call. But, maybe another time...

Despite being a $1, it was great rebuy experience. Highly recommended.

Oh yes... I almost forgot. B-A-Y-N-E!!!
My KJ flopped trips, only to see Bayne show his AK limp. I now have a nemesis...



osinsh said...

Hah! That was fun episode, indeed!

bayne_s said...


lj said...

ugh. bayne is such a luckbox.