Wednesday, August 29, 2007

tiny setback

Ended last nights session down 1/4 of a buy-in. Now, this seems like normal variance execpt I played for like 3 hours. So, this was very dissappointing.

The scenario was a difficult one. Many regulars playing, the girlfriend of one who could not fold, calling large pre-flop raises with no concern for starting hands, often calling flop bets regardless of the flop. How do you adjust? Me, I usually try to see more flops from position, take more flops with connectors, and be prepared to fold big pairs on the turn if players are not going away.

Which is exactly what happened. The results were killing me though. In 3 hours, I flopped an OESD ONCE, and someone over bet the pot. I hit a couple of flush draws, but raked only medium size pots. And my Kings (once) and Jacks (twice). Lots 2/3. One time the Jacks were an overpair to the board and held. The Kings flop had no ace, yet I bet pot and got not one but two callers. The turn put out the straight card, and I was able to escape what was a one card straight draw versus 2 pair (or so he says). The river gave "girlfriend" the one card straight. But here was the MO for her: If she decided to play a hand. She would call ANY size bet and call it all the way down. Great opportunity to just gut her, but I never got the opportunity. I made money on my big hands, but in the end, it was calling the limps with connectors and missing so many times that bled off my chips.

I have seen other players that when they encounter this type of table, start raising everyhand to reduce the field and modify the playing style of the table. Everytime I have personally experienced this, two things happen:
1. The table DOES change to a tighter pre-flop table with less limpers and callers.
2. The guy doing all the raising loses a ton of money.

So, what's a player to do at this type table other than wait for cards?

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