Tuesday, August 07, 2007

shutting up now...

remember all that belly-aching last week? HA!

I was on Machinaw Island this weekend and bought a 3 dollar horseshoe before playing in the Hoy Monday night. I set myself up around a campfire, with campsite wireless and a beer. The wireless was so bad, that I dropped in and more than a teabag. heh. teabag.


I was emotionally wrapped up in the game too, throwing my latop onto the grass when I ran my K4 into K5 thinking I was out before the money. We chopped.

I had a couple of big pairs early and then was card dead often for 3-4 rotations at a time. It was painful. But I went into the Hoy noticing that we only started with 3 tables. There was no need to play my normal SLAG style and tightened up to a more traditional TAG style. I am not so fond of TAG because I feel you waste value pushing players off of hands when they are behind. But I often do just that when the tournament is 5 tables or less.

In the end, I got sucked out on, watched other players suck out to prevent my from the money, then sucked out to make the money. Ahh poker. Twice MM was my victim. Ironically they came after I was robbed of the #3 spot twice.

Its too bad the blinds get up there so fast that you end up shoving. But that's the way it works at 1:30am.

I could not listen to buddy radio as I could barely keep a conection link. So I missed out on a lot of distractions.

Campfire, no radio, played traditional TAG, got a tad bit of luck at the end (K8 beat KQ to pop the bubble).

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Mike Maloney said...

Nice job luckbox. I kid, nice finish. I hope to return the favor sometime soon :)