Thursday, August 23, 2007

What does one need to do to win a vegas tournament

Apparently, have a plan, execute it and play well just is not good enough.

I am in Vegas for 1 day, and I arrive early enough to enter my favorite tournament, the Ceasars $150 7pm. I like this one for 3 reasons:
  1. Vegas tournament under $200
  2. usually 5 tables or less (tonight was 4) [this is a sweet spot for me, 3 is even better]
  3. lots of chips. Especially at 7pm where its 5000 to start.

In levels 1 and 2 (each 40 minutes), I play SLIP poker. Slightly Loose, flops In Position. I missed all 10 I played in the first 80 minutes, but just as level 2 was ending, I checked with the Hammer in the BB and the flop was 7 high. Nice thing here is that when you bet, someone thinks they should call with 2 overs. The turn was the 2 and I bet again. Everyone went away and I entered the break even at 5200.

Now, this is what is cool about this tournament. The blinds go up AND Ante's are introduced. You should shift to SLAG poker now (Slightly Loose AGressive) and steal alot more. I was the only player at the table who adjusted. At the end of level 3, I had chipped up with 7k without even getting a caller, just steals. I know the image I must have now, and I am ready to exploit it. Of course, only 1 or 2 players were paying enough attention to notice. Both would play in the following hands.

Now, the guy 2 to my left, is a big talker, drinker and card player. He knows what I am doing and has let me steal his small blind twice now. This time, it gets to me on the button with KK and I know exactly what to do. I make a quick splash raise of the exact amount I made all the steal raises with knowing he will raise with an Ace thinking steal. I hope he gets an Ace. I luck out and he pops me to 2700. I have him covered by about 1100 and I say "all-in". He INSTA-CALLS with AQ?! Ace comes RIGHT OUT THE DOOR. damn. I lose 6k.

I have 1100 left and I raise all-in with K9s and get no callers. I proclaim "get used to that", and do this 3 more times in 10 hands.. I continue to make big raises until I have chipped up to almost 4k. I decide I am going to slow down now and use a big hand to trap someone with my image. I even limp in the SB knowing I will get poped and have to fold, just to show everyone I am slowing down. Less than a rotation later... Sure enough, I raise with AKs and the SB thinks he can re-steal and goes all-in. I know he is weak and slightly desperate and insta-call to see his 9hTh. (remember, I am still a short stack at shy of 4k., I cant fold AKs here.)

The flop is T high with 2 hearts. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

I NEVER got my money in bad, never made a major mistake, and unfortunately never had a big hand hold up.

As I walked away, AQ drinking corona and spilling salt all over the table guy get up to go to the bathroom. He makes some comments about how I played well and just was unlucky. Feh.

Its just not enough to play well, you have to win as a favorite when it counts. I am sad. I walk for 6 blocks and return to my room.

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Aquaman said...

Nice post, I'll have to hit the Ceaser's touney next time I'm in Vegas. LAst time I was there some convention had booked the room or something so the tourneys were private, So I was unable to play in a Ceaser's daily. What's the level of competition like?