Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A tale of two Hands

Hand #1: Dealt JJ in LP at a tight cash 1-2 table. Raise from MP to 6. I raise to 18 and the blinds fold. Pot is about $40. Flop is T65 rainbow. He bets like $18 and I raise POT/All-in for another $60. He goes into the tank and get this... CALLS with 86o?!?! Um, thanks for $70 bucks?

Hand #2: 5 hours later in the Hoy. Tight 7 handed table, folded to me in MP and see JJ. Make a 2xBB raise, and everyone folds except the blinds. (Big blind is the chip leader with 4 times every one's stack size). Flop is T65 with 2 clubs. blinds check and I bet 2/3rds the pot. The chip leader simply pushes all in. Effectively betting $2000 into a $600 pot and putting me all in with an overpair. Even though I would normally fold here, I called. He shows 56s and takes me out.

I figured he was pushing with the T of clubs and maybe another club for Top pair with a flush redraw. Thus, even though it would be a very marginal call, I am a favorite. Except it wasn't TP with a draw, it was a blatant attempt to felt me. So obvious in fact, that I discounted it because of hand #1.



bayne_s said...

I was the one that had the Tc7c for top pair and flush redraw!


columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

and you FOLDED?

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

if you STAY in that hand, I could easily fold!!!

bayne_s said...

I called your post flop bet and I was still in the hand when you called the all in. I called your bet to run you down but was not willing to call the shove despite prospect of personally sending you to rail ;)

RaisingCayne said...

For your peace of mind... you won a lot more on the cash hand than you lost at the Mookie! I don't think there's any reason for regret as you would've hand to have strong reasoning to fold an overpaid in that spot. I don't see how you get away from it myself, as I would've put villian on (Bayne's) top pair + flush draw.