Sunday, August 05, 2007

A major setback

I know now why I am playing badly. I have reverted to some old habits. Here is what happens:

Player 2 to my right, who is pretty good, raises to 3xBB. He looks like he has a big hand. I wake up in the small blind with AA. After much delay, I call, but the BB surprisingly calls.

The flop is uncoordinated and with a Q. I check, BB checks, and the CUTOFF bets big. I already hemmed and hawed pre-flop, now I re-raise. The pot is big enough that I can justify all of it without the alarm bells going off. BB folds, he calls with KK. I win a BIG pot and have doubled through.

The VERY NEXT HAND. I have AQ and pop it 3xBB. The cutoff calls. The flop is KJT. Check, check.

Turn is a 7 and a second heart. Now I have to bet and bet 1000. Call.

River is a second Ten. KJT7T. check and I bet out 1500. RAISE is announced.

Now, what would you do here? Let me tell you what I THOUGHT I WOULD DO here. I would expect a re-raise here of about 2000-2500. If it was MORE than that, I would be seriously worried of a boat. That or less, I am calling and seeing what happened. I figure the player for AT. and they expect they are ahead. But if they had JT or KT, ugh.

INSTEAD of that logical move, when I hear raise, I pull a Helmuth and shove all my chips in the pot. WTF? I dont try to get a read, I dont take any time, I just ASSUME that its AT. again wtf?

I mean, as I play it out, I almost certainly call most bets here. BUT, to not wait and see what the bet is, and how it is made, and at least try to get a read, was just plain "amateur hour".

I was embarrassed and full of self-loathing. Although I was able to crawl back for a while, another chance to accumulate chips never cam my way and the blinds ate me up.

So, in order to compensate for my lame tendancies, I have to add a 5 second rule to myself. or something. Whatever I do, I cant continue to just assume that every read I make stays correct through the hand.

I read that I was ahead and I was, until the river. There is just no excuse. Amatuer hour. Sad really, that after 3 years, I can still have trouble playing back-to-back big hands.

It happens, players make hands on the river.

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