Monday, October 10, 2005

so, what happened?

"You told us this tale of woe and how you were going to change how you play. What happened?"

I played a couple of lotto tournaments. In the $1 tournament, I went out early when my pair ran into a bigger pair in level 1... But in the $2 tournament...

PokerStars Tournament No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $2.00
1289 players

Dear Columbo,
You finished the tournament in 85th place.
You earned 52.66 tournament leader points in this tournament.

I made one mistake during the tournament, and that was overplaying an AT and running into AK. I pushed because he was a stack 1/3 of my size. But I was behind and that was incorrect. Other than that, I made no other visible mistakes. In the end, I fell down to about a Q of .5 and decided to run my flush draw all in vs. TP as a 2 to 1 dog. He was a bigger stack and could double me up and advertised he had TP. Turns out he had an over-pair, but that did not matter. Had I hit the flush, I would have had a Q of 1.1 with 85 players left. Instead I went out. But I can be happy with that decision.

By the way, that was my best finish ever in a field of 1000+ players.

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Anonymous said...

Congratz on the tourney! I have never played those "lottery" MTTs, but they seem kind of fun. I like your bits for Card Club and look forward to your blog. I am a displaced Detroiter (Im sure you watched the game on Sunday) trying to find a decent local game in LA. I am afraid of the Card rooms here in California, though I do OK at 2/4 in Vegas. What poker books would you recommend? Anyway keep up the good work.