Sunday, January 08, 2006

$1 update

Ok, so I played some dollar SnG and tournaments. two omaha, two Hold em.

In a $1, 5 table NLHE, I actually raised the the hammer, hit a 7 on the flop AND the turn, only to lose to A7o.

In the omahe H/L with 999 players, I finished out of the money at 262.

So, the donkey invitational stands at -$23, or -11% EV
Getting worse, eh?

But the real tragedy here was me playing Omaha afterwards, where someone played a suited king, and another guy raised to the river only to miss his draw and a chaser with nothing but a pair... oh, who cares? I mean really? What it adds up to is being out yet another $14 bux playing $.25/.50 Omaha pretty decently I might add.

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