Friday, January 13, 2006

Rules for today

Last night, I wrote a set of rules before entering the big field $1 NLHE tournamnets on stars (two of them).

1. No limping (except from SB)
2. No calling post flop - raise or fold
3. No suited connectors from EP or MP (not even in level 1!!!)
4. Always bet FTA (first to act) post flop. (including if its checked to you)
5. be prepared to value bet on the river (otherwise why are you in a showdown?)
6. There are only TWO draws we will persue, the OESD and the nut flush draw on the flop. We will either semi-bluff or fold to a bet of 1/2 the pot or greater. Otherwise, vs a probe bet, we will break rule two and call and see what the turn brings.
7. If I go three rotations without picking up a hand, then I will play any two FTA or against just limpers from MP or EP. If its limpers, I will pop them good. If not, I'll raise to 3xBB.
8. IF you are below the avg chip count after the break, you will play any TP or MP post flop VERY strong. Against 2 I will probably be all in with TP, against 1, probably allin with MP or better.

So what happened?

Game one was amazing. This guy at the table would go all-in every 10-20 hands with RANDOM cards. J2o, for example. EVERYTIME, he would outdraw the other hand. He did this 6 times in a row to be the chip leader. I remember distinctly the J2o because I called with TT and he flopped a Jack. So be it. How does this ever work? The first six all-in in a row he outdraws? what are the odds?

The second game started normal, but in level two I was dealt KK. An MP play made a BIG raise, so I throw my entire stack in. I get THREE callers, two with Ace Rag and a third with a pair of eights. My kings inexplicably hold up and I am 7th in a field of 900. I go card dead, but stick to the rules. BOTH tims I play the any two, I get crushed by a wake up call (a player who suddenly comes out of no where with a freaking big pair). At the break, I am exaclty average and about 25-30% of the field is left.

So, now the money crawl begins. I have about $4500 in chips and need about $7k to make the money. Estimated of course... I get involved in not one, but two hands where I get re-raised all in on the turn. This usually means you are beat and based on my marginal holdinds (including TP on a flop of T76 with 2 spades), I folded them. Now I am below avg. and the rules about TP kicks in. It works the first two times and I am about 300 below avg, but then I flop my King and run into pocket Aces. Ugh.

But interestingly enough, other than some post flop questions, I thought my rules worked well for me. I am afraid I may have subconsciously used them as an excuse to not make decisions though.

And rule #7 worked about 50% of the time. When it did not though, it really hurts.

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Matt said...

Tried to send an email to the address on the blog page but got returned. My email is


Aloha Columbo (no idea what your first name is),

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I would like to chat with you on a soon to be published episode. Suggested topics.

Quick recap of the blogger tournament (where is the website for this...i wanna go next year)
How you got started playing poker
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Who is better player, you or your wife
What is the one secret you have that no one else knows - about poker!
Biggest win at a table real/computer
Biggest -loss/suck out/horror story- at a table real/computer
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