Sunday, January 08, 2006

Lord Admiral

Well, ok, I am going to admit something embarrasing (yet again). Earlier today the Giants/Panthers game was so boring I started played O8B. Too bad I made a call only to find out I was playing PLO (and NOT O8B). I lost $7. Now that is stupid. Luckily, I grinded back to even and quit.

Later in the evening, after my beloved Steelers beat Iggy's Bungles, I was listening to the Lord Admiral Poker show (see link at right) and playing O8B. After folding the first hand and seeing yet again, I almost played the wrong game, I hit a stride of concentration. Listening to a poker show obviously helps.

I was playing $.25/$.50 and ran up $40+ bucks in profits in about 30 minutes. Awesome.

Donkey Inventational status update

total Bankroll $213, +EV $13 (+6.5%) [goal is $600]


Pauly said...

I do the opposite all the time. I sit down at an 08 table instead of a PLO table. Did it last week in fact. I still manage to play at least one LIMIT MTT every six months, because I sign up for the wrong tourney.

MVilla888 said...


Stacks said...

So if the show helps you concentrate, what can I do to help concentrate because I just can't listen to that show anymore?

And I've signed up for a number of limit hold 'em tournees by accident. Doesn't a piece of you just die when that happens? Here's an hour of something I don't want to do.

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

the nice thing about a limit tournament is that it reminds you of the value of patience and playing tight. Next time you accidently do that, reaquaint yourself with your old friend...