Wednesday, January 04, 2006

donkey challenge update #1

oh my, these updates are going to hurt. Exposing my play, out in the open for all to see. Well, here goes...

Deposited $200 at PS in order to run it to $600 (and win the contest). And what do I choose as my first game? The WWdN invitational. So I am in for $10. And what happens? I become a bad-beat punching bag. BUT, in all results are lessons, so here is the new format:

BUY IN:$10
Players (approximate): 50
FATAL ERROR: Did not put enough pressure on a "chaser" when I was ahead, letting him draw out on me not once, but TWICE. (Note: I did not give him odds to chase, he has nothing but two overs both times and ended up with a wheel and a runner runner flush. Here is why this is so painful, I made great value bets when I was WAY ahead. Both times, he had runner/runner to catch up. So, was I WRONG in not pushing him off of pots where I should accumulate alot of chips? I am not so sure. That just the way the cookie shuffles, eh?

Off contest: FT $26 $16k guarenteed (I list this because it was such a painful, but necessary lesson.)
Players: 750
Finish: 333
Fatal Error: At a full, loose table I am in late position. FOUR limpers to me and I look down at AQo. Instead of raising big, I limp with the rest of them. Ace, no-paint flop and I am looking good. But you always need to remember this lesson. More than 3 see a flop, you must have 2 pair or better to play. One of the limpers played A5o and hit 2 pair on the flop. Lame, but not as lame as me.

-I told you it would be embarassing.

2006 Donkey Status challenge status (EV): -$10 / -5%

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