Tuesday, January 10, 2006

O8B education

Well, not too good last night as I never had a good starting hand for an hour in O8B. Well, I had some playable ones, but they missed the flop like... well, a good colorful analogy eludes me at the moment... SHUT UP! ok, where was I?

Oh yes, my steps backwards. It's funny, but as my Omaha game improves, I find myself a card dependant O8B player.

I understand the goals (scooping being the biggest), and I understand what I playable and what is not, but still... on a whiffed flop in an O8B game, where is there to go? It is VERY hard to bluff in O8B because there are so many outs and so many cards. You really need to concentrate on manipulating the pot size (in PL) or betting when ahead on the turn and river (in limit).

I don't even play O8B NL, because I consider it lotto-ing.

So this weekend in my daughter's 9th birthday party. All sorts of chaos will ensue, most of it insuring that I won't get to play cards this weekend.

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ChaseNFold said...

I seem to make the most $ when I think I'm playing Omaha HI and find out that I'm actually playing O8b. It happens too frequently actually. I must play tighter when I think I'm playing HI. I'm a big 1 Min Mystery fan as well.