Thursday, January 26, 2006

donkey challenge update #2

I suck. Ok, there I said it. I lost another $10 bucks playing Omaha last night. I was so afraid of being too tight, that I lost hands that I should not have played in the first place. But how long do you fold before you decide to play a hand?

Say its holdém and you keep getting BLOw (big little offsuit). When do you just decide to play and hand and try to make something? And when you do try it, you are against calling stations (very typical low limit omaha) who you are going to have an uphill battle against if you decide to try and play them off of it?

Sounds like grousing? Sure it is, but that doesn't mean I am blaming others. The problem is certainly mine. Or am I just too stubborn to beleive in fluxuation?

I am -25% EV for the year at PS. There, that's my update. Although my best game there seems to be LIMIT omaha. Surprised? so was I. But if you think about about it, limit is an exercise in not making math mistakes. Since most Omaha players make alot of mistakes (especially calling post-flop bets with no draws) it should not be a surprise that I did that well. But I have been horrible at riding out bad card runs and manipulating the pot size in PLO.

That, and playing a $1 lotto tourney NLHE and cashing after 3 hours for $4 does not do alot for my bakroll. But +2% is +2%. Too bad I lost 5% in 1/3 the time playing ring PLO.

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