Thursday, January 19, 2006


Yes, the donkey challenge update is at its most painful. I played in the WWdN game ($10+$1) with 35 players and went out numerou uno.

I was determined to a) do well, and b) be aggressive. I raise 3xBB with KQs, flop the Q and run into AQ. What are the odds? (Pretty much more than I thought they were).

So, now I am at an all time low of $168 with a negative EV of -17% or so. Man I suck lately. how did this come to pass?

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StatikKling said...

It was me! I accepted the Donkey Challenge. I cursed you. Heh.. If I don't turn my act around, I wil be out of the challenge soon. I think I have close to 20% of my bankroll left.