Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Why so many players are LAGs

I tried it myself last night. I would play nothing from the front but Big Pairs, play connectors and 1 gaps and type 2 hands from MP if I could get in FTA for a raise, and in LP I would play any suited Ace, any 2 paint, and 2 gaps. I would play a baby pair from any position if I could get in. I would fold it (baby pairs) to any pot that was raised twice before it got back to me. Simple stuff. I would also push HARD anytime I hit the flop. And If I had J9 and the flop was J65? All you can eat baby. The whole stack goes in. I felt reckless and not really in control of my destiny pre-flop. But soon you get past that because chips make a wonderful security blanket. If the avg. stack if $4k and you have $20k, you can afford to continue the charade.

The thing about the All-in huge overbet is that in a field of this size, players feel pressure to CALL. WTF? I never in a million years would have understood that without taking a walk on the wild size. They put pressure on themselves because they feel that its a crap shoot. So they won't laydown hands. Not draws, not mid pair. Heck, TWICE my all in bets got called with Ace high. And two guys re-raised me all-in when I was running over the table to try and stop me. But they did it with rags figuring I would fold and I was NOT in fold mode. I punished some real bad calls.

PokerStars Tournament No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $0.10 (That's right, ten cents. A great way to test being reckless)
2717 players
Prize Pool: $321.70
Dear Columbo777, You finished the tournament in 64th place.
You earned 35.45 tournament leader points in this tournament.

Would this work in the $20 -180 seat? No way... And yet... The logic still holds. I would just expect to get less foolish calls which would force me to change gears. But I have struggled for a year now trying to understand how to "chip up" in a big field.

1. Look for the victims (call too much, raise too little, fold on the turn to a big bet)
2. If you play a pot, come out guns blazing after the flop.
and today's words of wisdom...
3. When you are a LAG, you force others to REACT to your play. And when they are reacting, they resort to playing "by the book". Which means you only have to fold when they TELL you that you are beat. They wont be trying to bluff you for the most part.

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