Friday, January 06, 2006

How do you escape this?

I have AK on the button and there is one limper. I raise it up to 3xBB (pot) and the SB calls. The limper, raises POT. I fold, knowing he has Aces. The SB called with JTs and hits trip Tens. So be it.

25 hands later...

AGAIN, for the 50th time that night, I have a nice suited connector (QcJc).
There is a limper (not the same guy obviously), so I raise POT (it was PLHE). The limper calls.

The flop is Ac Jd Tc. I flop middle pair AND a flush draw AND a inside
straight draw. The limper makes a pot size bet, effectively pot committing
me. Coudl you lay that down???? Me neither.

He had AJ. Discuss.

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Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

I don't know how he's playing, but I being a rock, fold...fold...and fold. No, it's hard to say...did you get a hard-on...when I get a hard-on I always's kind of my measuring pun can't get away from it...look at Phil Ivey when he won the pot-limit bracelet...he took two people out with such a draw.