Sunday, August 26, 2007

Las Vegas part 2, cash games

Up two and 1/2 buy-ins in 2.5 hours?! Hey, this is easy.

Well, the details are more reflective of the truth. Played a bit tights, and my big hands got action and held up. I play SLAG (slightly loose aggressive) so when I hit a hand, it just looks like I came in to the pot and am playing top or middle pair. But you would think SOMEONE would notice I never play a bit pot without a big hand? NOPE.

Unlike in the Ceasar's tournament, I have pocket KK twice (once each 1 session) and both times I got a call on my raise and no ace flopped. One guy even ran me down with TP.

But now my dilemma of the week. Not once, but TWICE I flopped a set on a all suited board and I had none of that suit*. AA and the flop is AcTc3c. Or a set of sevens on an all heart board. (*Obviously if its an all suited board, and you flop a set, you CANT have one of that suit, but just wanted to be clear). Both times I was either heads-up or 2 opponents at the most. How do you like to play this situation?

In one case the turn and river came JJ. He thought I had a Jack and was bluffing and hit runner-runner :) I was ahead the entire time.

I don't put a ton of credence in that whole "try to get a tell, or stare at someone for information" type stuff. I like to attribute players with a style and a set of behaviors and then work backwards to what they hold. Just what works for me. But on an all-suit board, players do strange things that are wiggity-wack.

Speaking of that, I think it may be time to fold the monthly WPBT game. Either that, or convert it to Holdém only. Attendance has been dismal and the junkets to Las Vegas are the only anchor event anyways. Anyone agree?


StatikKling said...

I know.. 6 player turn out is fucking sad. But, is it even more sad that they are one of two tournaments that I look forward to every month?

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Ray, I think the Sunday 2pm combined with the reschedule in general contributed greatly to the poor showing this time around. I know I love playing in the WPBT tournaments but Sunday at 2pm is a nonstarter for me and I bet for a lot of other people out there as well. I personally wish you would continue with the WPBT thing, but I would keep the events limited to evenings as that seems to be when the most part of our little blogging crew is available and willing to play.

I think limiting the WPBT tournaments to just nlh is not cool. Maybe it's just me but I think the different games is the very thing that makes the WPBT thing cool -- that, and the year-long scoring system. Since you asked, I would not change those things in my view.

I bet if you set up the next one, don't reschedule it and give a good few weeks as notice, you should get some good attendance again. 20 players a week is not an unreasonable goal if you ask me.

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

fair enough!