Thursday, July 14, 2005

Barrel night revisited

I am now suspecting that I just plain played too many hands because I thought I was so cool and could roll over everyone. I figured since I took notes, I better well freaking use them.

Fold,F, BB, SB (limp), Fold, Fold, fold, fold fold, BB, SB limp stab and fold, fold, fold, win hand.

Ok, level 1 very tight and up 25 chips

Level 2
Fold, BB, SB call a 2xBB raise and then fold, button play A8o and hit two pair, cutoff A8o again - make a play at the pot and get chased out. MP limp with SC, fold to raise due to lack of players, fold, raise from UTG but fold to big reraise, BB raised up by SB and folded junk, SB play and win vs. BB only.

hmmm, a little more volitility but ended the level even at 125 again.

Fold, try a steal from cutoff and the BB pops me, fold, fold, FOLD AQo to an ALL IN (turns out to be 44), play A9o from UTG and lose to a river pair.
Ok, these last two hand show the making of a possible meltdown. First of all, having AQo and folding to an all-in of the short stack because you are afraid to race. YET the M was so low, it was CORRECT to race here. Weak tight fold, THEN to go from 6 to 8 handed and then raise from UtG with A9o? Then to bet the Q77 flop? Why did he call?
fold, fold, won hand from cutoff, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, utg A4o FOLD, BB fold BLo to a raise, SB limp, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, unsuited 1gap fold, fold, lost SB race vs short stack KK, all in SB with 35s vs Ax and hit the 3, fold, fold.
I am now on the button and action has folded to me. Even though I have 76 chips, I raise it the minimum making it 32 to go. This often was resulting in blinds folding. Not this time. The BB called and put me all in on the flop. I have A4o and force myself to fold. Why I am not sure, as with 44 chips left I end up all in on T9o against a big pair and am out.

Well, it doesn't look like I played as many hands as I thought. But when you only have 100 chips and the amateurs are at the table, its best not to stab at pots and try steals. I have learned this lesson before, and learned it AGAIN in the cash game afterwards. People like to chase. They see a bluff in every hand. Better in these shallow stack tournaments to play 1 to 2 big hands a level and try to just finish up. When your ahead, you get action. When you are bluffing, you get action. Most folds are on the turn. So, why not use that?

This was a VERY painful lesson. I have not yet recovered from the shock...

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