Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wednesday is your night in the barrel

If you know the joke, then you know how I feel this morning. I sat down in a low competition $40 tournament. The stacks were shallow at 100 chips apeice and the blinds were 1/2 then 2/4 for 25 mintues apeice. Out table was 7 handed. They were tighter than they should of been post flop. I get up to 125 by the end of level on, just by not doing anything stupid. In level 2, I make a laydown when the SB goes all in on a flop of 679. I had ATo. But I get it back and at the end of level 2 I still have 125.
Level 3 and the blinds are now 4/8. At 125 chips (about average), my M is less than 20 already! I try a blind steal from the cutoff and get popped by the BB. He is not a bluffer, so I fold.
I bleed through level 3 not able to do anything. I get invovled in another hand I need to let go. I have about 80 left. I am in the BB, but the button goes all in for his last 42. If I lose this race, I would be crippled so I pass even though I have AQo. Probably a weak tight laydown, but I am sure he has a pocket pair. He shows 44. Still, could I make this laydown with an M of 8???
Back to 8 handed and I lose another hand as I blow one. I have A9o and limp from UTG. The BB checks. On a board of Q77 I make a big bet. He calls. Now I am afraid he had a 7. The turn is yet another Queen. He checks and I check. THAT was my mistake. I should have reacted to the check and gone all in. But I played it causiously. The river is a 9 and we both check. He turns over 89. UGH.
I manage to win a hand with A8o when I am aggressive after the flop. I am at 85 chips when we go to level 5 (5/10).
Now with a M of less than 6, I am ready to gamble. Almost like a bell chiming, I suddenly go card dead. BLo, BLo, 69, 83, 73o, BLo, BLo, BLo, I even had to fold my blinds (with an M of 6!) because I had either 82 or 73. I make a desperate push with junk in the BB and double up, hitting a 3 on the river. I have 85 chips, but then get caught on a steal and have to fold to an all in with junk. Finally, I am forced all in again in the BB with 78s and run into KK.
I feel violated.
But what is WORSE is what happens in the side game.
Its .5/1 NLHE with a $20 max buy in. I bleed off $20 when lloyd, the king of calling with ANY pair, actually has a hand with 2 pair. I rebuy, and flop a straight. I let him catch on the turn and get all his chips in. He RIVERS a BOAT. WTF? I get up to leave, but then buy in for my last $17. I then have 2 straights and 2 overpairs hold up for $80 bucks. I am feeling great, until donkey girl sits down. I did not know she would draw to ANY flush. I know that now. A lot of good that does me. She chases down my flopped set with her flush draw, even though I put all her money in the pot to do it. I lost $25 right there. She then LOST it all to another guy on a BLUFF with AK on a Q high board. WTF? I probably tilted after that, because I left AT A LOSS. Are you kidding me? How bad must I be at this point?
I am feeling mighty low at this point. Can I really be THIS BAD after studying and practicing for over a year?

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