Sunday, July 17, 2005

playing omaha with the fish

Get your tackle box out and go fishing.

Omaha 8OB. Learn it, love it, go fishing. It is a fun game because few newbies can play it competently, it does not require the memoriztion skills of STUD or RAZZ, and its a good game to learn for pattern recognition practice (i.e. it will make you a better post flop Hold Em player)

The rules:
1. Learn Omaha
2. Avoid the 2 big Omaha TRAPS

Trap #1 NEVER play a hand that does not have an ACE in it. You will never scoop the pot without an Ace, and in 8OB, you are trying to SCOOP the pot.

Trap #2 NEVER continue with a hand after the flop that can not scoop the pot.
Note: NEVER fall for the idea that you have the nut low and that is good enough. If someone else has it also, you are going to split the split for 25% equity in the pot. Assuming that there will be raising, the field quickly narrows to the 3 players, the high and the 2 lows getting the short end of it. (you can continue if you have HIGH as that rarely splits and you can catch two people in the above trap).
WATCH for this situation. You can just watch the table and when 3 players are going at it, you can start laughing because you'll know. 2 lows and a high.

ESPECIALLY fun are the Omaha 8OB SnG tables, where players often "try" omaha. They will see ANY flop and then they get lost post flop like an 8 year old in the maze of mirrors.


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