Friday, July 29, 2005

Remember where you parked...

In MP with QQ. Utg limps, I raise to 3xBB. All fold back to UtG who calls the bet. There is $1500 in the pot. The flop is 4c5s6s. I have the Q of spades, not that it matters. He checks, I bet out $2000 figuring to intimidate any draws. He comes over the top for $5k. He had huge hand earlier when he flopped a set and thus was the big stack at the table. I was probably at just above average before the hand started, with a solid image. (I even had a boat on hand #1). If I fold now, I have about $8k left or my starting $10k.

Do you call, fold or raise?

Me, I looked at the board and thought to myself, what would call the bet and then re-raise an overbet (check raise no less).

I put him on either 77 or a KsQs. I re-raised all in (if my read is right, then that is the right move). He called.

My mistake? If he had a draw, and wanted to semi bluff, he would NOT do it as a check raise. What does the check raise mean here?

I figured 77 WAS a big hand, since he would have an OVERPAIR and a straight draw. That seemed to me to be what he had. He called a 3xBB bet and now I figured to have the better overpair. This to me was NOT my mistake. Even if I was wrong, I made my read and went with it... no...

my REAL mistake was getting involved in a HUGE hand in level 4 with only an overpair. Why call another $3k? because I did not want to let go of the $2600 I had in there. Yet, why DO we bet? to SEE where we are at. And I found out. I was beaten.

Still, I just could not get the 77 out of my mind. That just seemed to be the hand. And I committed to the hand.

He flipped over 66 for the set.

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