Wednesday, July 06, 2005

But its so big!!!

I lost about $2 earlier playing lotto at the $.25/$.50 table again. The only hand I won was with AA. He folded on the flop before I could get his last $5.

But on to the big show:

$5000 new depositor freeroll tournament at PartyPoker. 1330 players, $1k for first. Start with a mere 1000 in chips. Blinds are 10/15 to start with 15 minute levels.

First hand? T6o I rarely play the first hand, much less the first rotation. I like to watch and see what the table is going to be like. I was moved to another table after ONE hand which took TEN minutes of the 15 minute level. Nice.

6c5c limped, folded to raise of $265 ?!
AdQd at UtG+1, Utg raises to $30, I make it $45. The flop is all rags and my continuation bet gets 2 callers. By the river, I got nothing but call for $15 and we all 3 split on the 2 pair with and A kicker. (35735) Raiser had AK. The other caller, A9o?

94o, 8s4s in the BB fold on flop of A23 rainbow to a pot sized bet after checking.
LEVEL II, 10/20
86o, Jd6d, Qc4c, 6c2c, Q7o, 98o limp and hit bottom pair, which folds to a pot size bet.
T6o, 93o,
KK Utg raise to $40, 884 and bet ½ pot. No caller.
K3o in BB, flop is 888 I re-raise a SB feeler bet, SB Calls, turn is a K, again reraise and he reraisees me (SB). We end up splitting.
8d2d in SB, raise 2x on button with Jd7d just to see, fold after flop to a bet. Bad timing. Too many callers because of weak raise
72o raise to $85, no callers, and I show the hammer. Excellent.
78o limp, fold
J2o, 72o again but in early position so I fold it. Too soon. Board was 42678. That’s what I deserve for folding the hammer.
Js6s, 69o
And I am right where I started… I have got to loosen up or I don’t really stand a chance in a field like this…
Q9o utg and I limp, raise to $275 and I fold.
AJo in the BB, ace flops. Bet ½ pot of $180 and get reraised. I call. I pick up a spade out but the river makes a possible straight and I only have TP. He had A5 for 2 pair on the flop. A5 called a 3xBB raise? Gez. I am down to $500
8s4s, 62o, with a yellow M and a Q of .45, I am willing to risk a bet on bit cards, but need to avoid speculation hands now.
5c3c, TT raise to 4xBB and get a caller. 785 flop and I am IN. I bet and get RAISED. I win the all in against 22?!
I am back to $1200 with an M of 13 and a Q of 1. Still in the yellow and the leader has $10k
Qh5h, Qd4d, Q2o, QTo (limp), J7o utg,
A9o in the BB which I let go to a 5xBB raise from the button. He was all-in on the flop.
Jc9c (SB) and called a 2xBB raise. Folded belly buster to big post flop bet. He was in big on the turn and the caller folded.
6h9h on button with no action. Raised to 2x BB and the blinds folded.
Js7s, K7o and I am noticing a trend. Vf05 is a bully/LAG. I may make a play at him here in the future.
44 limp,
9dJd and LAG raises. I (me?) and another player call. 4d8s3d. Bet and I call. LAG reraises and I go all in on the come. They both fold. (Suspicion confirmed) $1700 now. I notice wife at $1650 at another table.
94o, vf05 has returned to his raising ways…
Qs5s in the BB, flop has an Ace AND a King. LAG wins with A2 sooted.
ATo in Sb and make 3xBB raise. LAG CALLS of course. He check and I am suspicious with heart coming. 4 hearts are on the board, but he rivered a straight because I was afraid to push with blank-o. I see the wife just doubled up.
J5o, J2o, KJo and since I have the first action, raise to 3xBB. All fold.
K2o, Jc4c, the last three hands had no caller to the first raiser.
T9o so I limp. LAG makes it $300 from LP. Ugh. I got to get him off my left!
23o, Qc3c utg, Ah9h in the SB. Hard. I fold to a 9xBB raise pre-flop.
5c4c my favorite hand. Call from the button. A27 flop. Free card is a Jack. Fold to a big bet
Jh8h in cutoff. Raise to 2xBB. 5 players se flop of 996. Fold to weak bet with 2 still to act. They fold too.
LEVEL IV 50/100 (this puts my M way down and I cant play stupid connectors anymore)
67o, Q4o, I need to double up here people.
Qh5h, 66 raise to 3xBB. Only BB calls and I flop a set. Check, tiny bet. But he will not bite.
AJo from EP and I raise 4xBB. One caller and I flop a heart draw. I go all in and he calls with the nut flush. I am out. Still, you can’t play timid, so I can’t say I am upset. I actually made the flush too! It was just the J flush. He called my big raise preflop with Ah9h. I just don’t get these guys. A9 suited and you call a big bet just to fold after the flop MOST of the time? Not this time I guess.

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