Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Big Bet

So my wife has been playing at PP for play money since I bought her a laptop for Christmas. At our last home game (tournament style) she beat 12 others to take first. When we went camping, we played heads up and she beat me. Insufferable.

Now she wants to play for real money. Ok. Here is the bet. We each deposit $50 in a PP account. The first player to $200 wins (or the first to go broker loses!!!)

I am off to a good start. Despite my tirade yesterday, I FINALLY had AA hold up against KK. I also tricked an AQ into getting in deep against my AK. When the flpo was A-rag-rag, I knew I had a winner (no suckout).

I tried playing the $5 SnG, but its $1 juice. I still could not resist and played 3 of them. In ALL THREE I lost my money on suckouts. Hilarious.

So far I am up to $75. No word from the wife yet...

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