Thursday, July 28, 2005

sometimes you surprise yourself

Here is the scenario. It a 1 table SnG and there are 4 players left. I am third in the chip count. Leader on my right has $4000, player on his right has $3000, I have $1000 and the player on my left has less than the BB left ($200) and is on POST AND FOLD. He is now all-in from the BB as he can't even put up the $200.

ALL I have to do is fold to finish in the money. Right? I am in the SB and I am DEALT ACE ACE. Are you freaking kidding me?

So now, the chip leader, a looser player (at least from starting hands) from the button raises to $500.

What is your move? Do you Call, Raise or Fold.

I swear to everyone that I would fold here... but then the dreaded scenario ACTUALLY CAME UP. When it came right down to it, I could not pass up the loose raise and re-raised all-in.

I doubled up when he called and went on to win second place. He made the right move, pretending that the other player was already gone and raising my blind. I made the right move. Why? Because if the aces got cracked, then the hand that cracked it would have had to beat the post and fold anyway. If the post and fold cracks them, I still win alot of chips from the side pot. Looking bad, this was a much easier decision that I made it out to be.

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