Monday, July 11, 2005

SnG stranger...

Should I know your name? Did we meet some time ago? -Grace Slick

Limit game - but we are in level 7 and the blinds are HIGH and the table is 8 handed so money is tight.

Qd9d in the SB. 4 people limp, so I call with odds, even though I had to throw in more valuable money. You could EASILY make a claim here that when the blinds are this high a percentage of your stack, you STOP playing drawing hands entirely. But the odds were so attractive, and it was 1/2 a bet. I mean, the BB is going to play there hand no matter what, right?

6 players see a flop of AdTdTc. I check, a MP bets, everyone else folds back to me and I call on the come. Turn is a rag, I check (I only want to pay one bet here), he bets, I call. River is the 2d. I check, he bets, I check raise figuring I have the best hand. He thinks, he raises. At this point, it makes no differene. In limit, you never fold the river to one bet. So, I call.

He flips over AT for a flopped full house. It was so rare to see this that I had forgotten why you don't chase a flush on a paired board. But with the blinds being 20% of your stack, is it realistic to get away from a hand? (And by the way... what was he THINKING about? There was NO need to think there.)

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