Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Psychiatric help -- 5 cents please!

Today's nickel lesson series*

Decide what hands are playable based on your table position, image, the action before you, and what you would come in for BEFORE you look at your cards. I have noticed recently that a few pros do this. Now that I know what to look for, I can see this when someone does it on TV (go back and watch the Tuan brothers).

This accomplishes two things:
1. You won't play a hand you can't play profitably at this point.
2. You won't have any tells when you look at your cards. AA looks just like JTo when you have predetermined your play options.
3. You will use position to determine action more often than you would otherwise.

I cringe everytime I see a player looking at QTo and THEN deciding to make a move or play the hand from MP with only 1 caller in the pot. Again, Predetermine your minimum standard to play the hand, then look at your cards.

*nickel lessons are easy to do exercises that help you (and me) learn "soft" poker skills.

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