Saturday, July 09, 2005


I discovered my special purpose!!! -Steve Martin in The Jerk

I am looking back at my wins over the year and noticed something. I have dominated 3 table fields. Last night I won another 3 table NL at Party. After losing everything else including ring games, a Sit N Go, and a large field tournament. I stunk them all up so bad you could smelll me through your keyboard. But I once again play a 2 or 3 table, and I win. Why?

Right now, my theory is my play style is just slanted this way. I play a strategic game with few races and little gambling. I never play BLo (big little off) not even with an Ace. I can play tight at the beginning of a large field tournament, but never seem to build up chips like looser players. In an SnG, once false move and your stack crippled. In a 3 table, you have time and money, and often play shorthanded for a while. I change gears well in those situations and I think that is why. But its only a guess.

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