Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Flop-Trap Poker

Ok, here is the "jist" of my trip to Vegas.

One night down $120, next night up $160. So, I ended up $40. But why the wild fluxuations? I played JUST flop-trap poker.

What is Flop-Trap Poker? (aka small-ball)

You see as many flops as possible, draw with odds, and make big pots for big hands (and try to keep pots small otherwise).

PROS: takes advantage of other player mistakes. Can win big pots with minimal risk. Works well at low limits.

CONS: Time dependant (it takes as long as it takes). May fold otherwise winning draw hands to maniac players. Works well at low limits.

So on my trip, I hit all the CONS the first night. draws to non-but flushes were folded to 3 all ins, for example. On the second night, I made the flops and players kept betting into pots with second best hands.

I missed a huge opportunity passing on 89s from the SB for a 3xBB raise. Or did I? Isn't it -EV to call a 3xBB raise with a drawing hand which is unsuited and out of position, even if there are 3 other players???? Is it??? hmmm????

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