Friday, May 04, 2007

we got the beat

Played in the riverchasers last night and had a hand in level 1 that would have made hoy smile.

Utg raises to 4xBB
Middle Position caller
Get to me in the SB with AA.
I make a slightly less than pot size bet meant to get ONE of them to fold. About 25% of my stack.
MP folds

What do you read that the UTG has?
I read KK (maybe QQ) and he is afraid of an ACE flop.

The flop comes down J high

Now, I want his entire stack, BUT I want him to:
a) think he is ahead
b) think that I am going to call if he goes all in.

So, I make a continuation bet to make it look like I have a hand like... AJo!!!!

Sure enough, he pushes and I call and take down...

Oops. King on the turn. IGHN.

Dissapointed? yes and no. I REALLY enjoyed a hand where I felt like I played it perfectly and manipulated opponents to do what I wanted.

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columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

just in case it wasnt clear, he DID have KK.